My Trip to Lomography Gallery Store Taipei

Hiak hiak hiak~ Finally I decide today is the best day to blog about my trip to Lomography Gallery Store Taipei!
We go at night. Too dark to take photo so borrowed from their site =P

Huge lomowall!
Photos taken from  Lomography

So we use MRT to go =)

After much walking from the Station, we reach the place after 8-10minutes walking 
We are greeted by 10 prophecy of Lomography poster!
Huge collection of camera for us to molest =D  Diana F+ and clones!
Nice hor?
Nice shelves! I want all of them, can?
The new LC-A Russian Edition! I got a chance to molest it =P

The new Hello Kitty Edition Fisheye 1! Cute or not? 
Ding Dong's First love art work! Awesome? 
All her photography works using lomography cameras!
Scratch and cut out the motives!

Witnessing her work and touching it feels so artsy! 
Fisheye 2 bags anyone?
Films are left in open space for you to select and purchase
Those colourful Diana Mini size keychains! I love how they doodle the price on the glass
The cashier counter
Photolab section
There are treated like babies in cushions!
The lomography camera every lomographer dream of owning
Colourful Spocket Rocket! 
Hot Tea from lomography designed cup, you want a taste?
Awesome lomowall!
Do you see me?

Guess where this lead to?
Awesome or not?
La Sardina! Sardine can camera~ 

There are books for you to read too! Photo filled books~
Huge Diana F+ Valentine's Edition
Diana Mini Love in the Air edition!

I enjoyed going to the gallery store. So pretty and full of cameras!!! Will go next time to develop films for once! 
If you want to know more then read below =P

Log on to Lomography store Microsite to know more!
New York

No.35.Ln.187,Sec.1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da`an Dist.

Taipei City 106, Taiwan
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 2:00pm–10:00pm; Sat-Sun: 12:00pm–10:00pm
phone: 011 886 2 27736111


  1. @meitzeu Yeah!
    @Camy Cool right? Malaysia going to open too. Singapore one open liao lo

  2. OMG !!! you are so lucky got chance to visit the lomography shop, the cameras make me crazy mazy feel wanna grabe all....thanks for sharing huh.

  3. @Miss Tina Not easy to go there le. I use a GPS to locate. lol. =P

  4. Thats a lot of photos!! Well, I admire your pasion for lomo stuff. I cant event bring myself to carry a proper camera nowadays.

  5. They have a few here in Subang area also, the nearest to me is the one in Pyramid. I like the 360 degree camera :D

  6. must be a lomo heaven for you :)

  7. @Cyril Well yeah! I just couldn't omit those photos. All are too awesome to not show off =P
    @Daniel The original Lomography store is not in Malaysia yet. Spinner 360 is the original Lomography designed camera!
    @ken yes! I love the cameras there! Feel like staying there =D

  8. gosh! isit gonna be in penang/ :D

  9. @camy Most prob it will be in Kuala Lumpur first cos more population =)

  10. Lomo cameras are cuteeee! It will be fun to be collected. xD

  11. @Spectre Wah. U can afford all?
    @Oridusartic Collect and then shoot!


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