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Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Raya 1st and 2nd Day!

Was super busy visiting and not able to edit my photos until today. hehe.
1st Day!
 This is the first house on the first day. =) Nabilah's house. Coincidentally her mum is my dad's primary school classmate too!

2nd house is Fitria's house. =) Her house is huge!!! A lot of antiques too! We've primary school mates and didn't see each other for quite some time. 
Classic house

3rd House. Rafie's house. His house is so cozy like a resort. Everyday it's relaxing. =P
Cozy house. Makes you wanna stay inside right?

So beautiful!

All the yummy food on huge table! Laksa Sarawak included!

The outside of the house. So peaceful

 4th house. Mum's colleague's place. Not many photos just few photos =)
Many birds!
 2nd Day! Merdeka Raya day!
If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my rant tweets on waiting for dad's friend so I'm taking photo of Satok area. 
Satok area that separates the chinese and malay area. (So called la)

1st house of the day! Detach house!
Yummy food. =P

Kids drinking? O.o
 2nd house!
Got flag too! 
 3rd house! Fahriee's home!
So many food too!

Nice place!
That's all folks! Now to proceed to third day! More photos in the next update! ^_^



  1. Tummy grumbling looking at all the food served, didn't get to eat any kuih raya this year T_T I miss kek lapis sarawak!

  2. Nabilah's mom is ur dad's school friend? Small world indeed! :)

  3. @Hilda: U're not in Kch?
    @Jfook: Ya lo.. only 7 houses already stuffed!
    @Merryn: Yup, her mum is my dad's primary sch classmates.

  4. The 3rd house on the first day of Raya really looks nice and cosy. I love the small pond outside the house. :D

    Tons of food you have there. Too bad I can't go back KK this Raya season. Stuck in KL, or else also got to eat many satay, rendang and more.. Hehehe

  5. Wow... look at the amount of food!!! LOL

  6. Mmm Cookies :-) thanks for the post babe.

  7. Whoaah lots of delicious Hari Raya food! *drooling*

  8. @Diana : Yeah. So cozy makes me wanna stay longer..
    @Soh Hong Wei: So many that makes me super full =P
    @Phoebe Tay: Glad you like it =)
    @Oridusartic: You didn't go visiting? So hungry after look at the post again =P

  9. lots of food and fun this raya, nice sharing ! :)


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