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Thursday, 29 September 2011


NEW Colours!!! Woohoo!!! Diana cameras now in more colours than ever!

A new
collectionof Diana F+ and
Diana Mini
Introducing a brand new selection of Diana F+ andDiana Mini cameras, casesand hand straps. 

Show off to your friends with the true blue Diana F+, relax with the fern green range or brighten up your Lomographic adventures with the buttercup yellow collection - Head to the Lomography Online Shop now and pick up you monochrome delight!
“Color me happy”
Diana F+
Buttercup Yellow
.Diana F+ Buttercup Yellow.
.Diana F+
True Blue
.Diana F+ True Blue.
Diana mini
Fern Green
.Diana mini Fern Green mini.
.Diana mini
Twilight Blue
.Diana mini Twilight Blue.
"Perfect Protection" 
Diana F+ Case
Fern Green
.Diana F+ Case Fern Green.
.Diana F+ Case
Peacock Blue
.Diana F+ Case Peacock Blue.
Diana Mini Case
Buttercup Yellow
.Diana Mini Case Buttercup Yellow.
.Diana Mini Case
Peacock Blue
.Diana Mini Case Peacock Blue.
Diana Mini Flash Case
Fern Green
.Diana Mini Flash Case Fern Green.
.Diana Mini Flash Case
Peacock Blue
.Diana Mini Flash Case Peacock Blue.
Hand Strap
Peacock Blue
.Hand Strap Peacock Blue.
→ Diana Cameras in the Lomography Online Shop 
→ Diana Accessories in the Lomography Online Shop 
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  1. OMIGOSH! The case is so cool and so retro somemore!!!

  2. gosh! the colour make it looks like a fake toy!

  3. @Camy LOL. It's a toy camera after all. So looking like a toy is what it does?

  4. so u getting one? the color doesnt look attractive tho...

  5. @clevermunkey Nope. Might get the bag. I already own a Diana Mini =)


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