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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Taipei Day 2

Day 2 in Taipei! Sorry for the ever delayed post! 
I was trying so hard to upload photos to this post but it's slow like snail~ =___=
Today is a walking trip to Bo Ai Street = 博爱街

Lots of bikers!

You can see them lining up their motorcycle neatly on the street. So many of them using motorbikes. 

Went into this special shop with unique design outside. I had to take photos secretly. Most of the shops I went in all forbid me to take photos one. =_=" 

This lady selling big and juicy fruits! Peach lookalike apple. LOL 
See what I mean? Didn't buy because don't wanna carry heavy apples all the way.

Next we went to a household/kitchen items shop when my mum bought some goodies
cutie cat!
Cute or not?
Later on we met an Aunty selling pizza like bread? LOL. 
Feather Duster anyone?
Fake bird stuck in a cage
Next is dessert time!
Taufu fah with soya milk and almond on the left
On the right is snowflake chewy pearl with yam and other flavor.
Ingredients like those you see at Snowflake

Interior of the shop. 

Next we came across a Hello Kitty shop!

Only few photos before the shopkeeper forbid my taking photos =.=

The shops here got fancy outlook like Latte Coffee

Taiwanese love their pets and bringing all the super cute pets outside!
Feel like squeezing it? =D
The end of Hankou Street which is a part of the Camera Street near Bo Ai road

After a long walk, it's lunch time again!
Medium price range
My bento lunch! Big portion with pork cutlet, fish and chicken chop.
Mum's beef noodle. Yummy! The soup is a bit sweet too.

After lunch we head to 新光三越
Mini raincoat to demo the actual raincoat - Only 1 photo again the no photos rule

Pretty near to Taipei Station. 
Crowded or not the signs?
A visit to the food court. This time can take photos! 
They are creative to make plastic food to represent how the real food looks like. Looks delicious even though it's plastics.
In the end we bought this puff
I thought it was ice cream. Actually it's cream. >_<

Lastly we ate 炸酱面 for dinner

Today we walk a lot and was blur when taking MRT for the very first time in Taipei. 

Tip 1: Buy MRT card from the MRT station then read the map. 
Tip 2: Use the end route to determine which route to take when using MRT
Tip3: Return the MRT card to the MRT station on your last day for your deposit refund and the excess amount in your card. 

You may view the rest of the photos on this album.

Thanks for reading! =D



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