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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Taipei Day 4

By now I might bore you to death with my long winding post more like journal of my trip in Taipei.

I definitely must go again to visit the whole island or at least half.

Anyway, lunch time! 
Beef noodle at different shop! =P 

Mince beef with rice and ginger too! I love the Q Q rice!
Side dish

After all that lunch we're all set to go to Taipei 101. We use MRT to Taipei City Hall station then proceed to wait
Wait for the Free shuttle bus! 
Actually next to MRT also got shopping centre but we waited for the shuttle bus to Taipei 101 instead!
Just a few turning and we're here! This is the 4th floor of Taipei 101

Went up to 89th floor from 5th floor for NT200 per person. 
After a mere 37 seconds, we have arrive at the 89th floor! Fast or not?
The view from 89th floor. The window glass made all the photos turns out to be green
Taipei city looks so huge from up there. 
They will provide you a small device and you click play on the number as shown on the column you see. 
The small device will then talks about the scenery and introduce Taiwan as well
Taipei 101 mascot- Damper Baby! Super duper cute!
My blur face =.= 
World's first open to public viewing of the Damper.
Damper are used to stabilize the building in case of earthquakes. 
Damper baby are made according to the damper

Ranking of the tallest buildings in the world.
Taipei 101 building from the outside taken on the 90th floor
Green damper baby speaking in Japanese with english and chinese subtitles to promote going green.
On the 88th floor there's a magical floor

88th floor view of the Damper

On the same floor, there's also coral accessories and gift shops.
Owl is like the most popular animals here! Everywhere you go, you can see owls. 
Huge corals! Red corals!
Crafted from corals! So skilled!
The Globe made from corals!
Saw this veggie at the museum. Similar but made from different materials. 
Selling delicious looking cakes and breads too!

Hello Kitty fans! Be prepare to go crazy! LOL

Hello Kitty 太阳饼 
Hello Kitty special edition dolls. 

Melody and Hello Kitty bags

As I was saying, Owl is popular in Taiwan. Here comes more owls
Owl is actually a good animal according to one of the tribes in Taiwan

After that it's going down~
Timer within the lift
We shop from daylight until night. 

无料 in the shuttle bus

Next Station to 士林夜市! Get down from 剑谭station then walk across the road. 

Hunting for food at the Shilin food market first
Familiar? Kuching Fest food ideas all came from here one =_=
I actually ate smelly tauhu. Smells like longkang! >_< But when eat time don't feel so gross la. 

The food market side
Ate beehoon
Taiwan sausage!
Had 爱玉冰 with pearl

After all those food, time to head to fashion street! LOL

Another trend I notice in Taiwan besides owls is cameras!

After that we shop till we drop and hands too full to take any photos. =P
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  1. LOL. Let's go Taiwan next year! XD

  2. Taiwan is all about shopping and makan makan (:

  3. arghhh.. wish I can go travelling like U all.. ^_^.v..

  4. @Hilda Shop til I broke ar... makan makan quite expensive at Taipei =P
    @Aki Go book AA today!

  5. I love taiwan trip.. still looking time to go there..

  6. taiwan is really beautiful. also, I drool over the local food.

  7. Oh you went into the 101! haha.. i didnt go up it.. nice view of Taipei! and I tried the smelly tofu too. Tot it was addictive haha :)

  8. @Nikel Go go go
    @Anne I haven eat enuf =/
    @Allison Yup! 101 view is awesome!

  9. I also would love to go Taiwan once again and like I mentioned before in my blog, next time I go, backpacking. Don't want join organised tour guide. I didn't manage go up to Taipei 101 as well. Only for NT200? So cheap.

  10. @Diana I also want! I just came back and I wanted more!


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