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Friday, 9 September 2011

Taiwan here I come

If you follow me on twitter @cutebun you'll know that I'll be going to KK then to Taipei in another 3 days!!!!

I'm so gonna

  • Go drink the original Pearl Milk Tea 
  • Eat some oyster omelet  and some other new creative food?
  • Go to 7 Eleven XD
  • Go to Taipei Lomography gallery store 
  • Go to Po Ai street - heard it's a street full of cameras and films and antique
  • Shopping at XiMenDing  
  • Visit tourist spots 

Hope I can find cheap films too~~ =P

Til then, see you next post.

BTW, Since you're here, do check out Why Must I be at the Mabul Marine Week 2011 too! 
P/S: I promise to take lots of photos and show you if I do win the contest =P 



  1. Wah! Awesome. Have a nice flight. :D
    Don't forget to bring home some nice stories and photos. Hahaha

    I want to try the original Pearl Milk Tea too btw. T-T

  2. @ken Hahahaha. Don't jeles la. U oso go Malacca ma
    @Camy Thanks!
    @oridusartic Hehe. I sure will!

  3. woot have fun there!!

    I'm planning a trip there end of this month. Will you still be there?

  4. @Isaac Which place do you mean? If KK then yes, I'll be there until 28 Sept.


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