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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Travel to Taipei - Day 1

Woot woot! This is the first place I reach from the airport. Arrive at about 1pm. hehe. 
The view right outside Rainbow Hotel
So after we place our stuff in hotel then we go outside immediately! *Don't wanna waste time ma"
Starbucks here got different colour sign!

Xi Men Ding!
 This place is pretty near to MRT! So convenient!
Many interesting sign boards.

Plastic food!

Mum and I!

 First day is just walk walk walk and look look look and eat eat eat. XD
A small street to...

A cute doggie! Bark at me when I took this photo =.="

Junita and Mum!

The self order menu

Fried rice! Q Q rice!

Lean meat bee hoon - Taste ok ok =D 

Fried beef rice! Yummy! I love the rice!

Fried handmade pan mee - Not my taste

Soup pan mee - The soup is tasty!

Lunch here!
 Everywhere I walk, I'll surely bump into pretty girls aka 台妹. Some are really pretty with minimal makeup and others are complete with false lashes+Contact lens+heavy makeup.
Oh ya, many leng zais too! Really almost all got double eyelids but inner type. =D *too shy to take photos of them*
The people here are so fashionable!

So many shoes! Not yet buy any up to now TwT

Cool or not? Selling clothes like that?

Hot chick selling "Jelly lemon drink"

Cameras are definitely in trend!

See what I mean?

Hey, you wanna get beat up? XD

The sign really caught my attention so....COME BUY!

Bought a cup of Pearl + Jelly milk tea for NT30 = RM3!
 So refreshing to drink cold drinks at a hot day! It's autumn but the heat is pretty much like Malaysia except that it's super windy!

Huge kitty in shop selling kitty stuff!

The temple in the middle of tall buildings

After a tired walk, chill at Cafe

Served with plain water

Menu with cheapest drinks is NT150 for soft drinks!

Interior of the cafe.

Classic record.

Famous coffee according to menu = NT180

My crush mango drink = NT180!

Only took photo when drink almost finish >_<

"Wo Jiu Li Hai" Cool name hor? Steamboat shop!

Dinner time!

If you think it's a big bowl then you're wrong. XD

Veggie that is fermented with sugar

O jian~ Fried Oyster with egg - I dislike the sauce. 

Doggie on restauant entrance - Not the one I ate in

"Smile XiMenDing"

The busy road

Outlook of restaurant while walking back to hotel.

That's how I spent my first day! Look forward to my second day post! =D 



  1. Wow interesting trip you had there. =D

  2. @jfook Wah. U super fast to comment lo. XD

  3. I'll definitely book a trip to Taiwan one day. Wanna discover the origin of my tribe. =D

  4. hey! you got most of your mum's features LOL C:

  5. I missed Taiwan!
    It's such a great place.. =)

  6. Hi, I just wanna know if RM2000 is enough for a 7D6N trip to taipei?

    1. This really depends on what you plan to do and where you stay. Should be enough for one person I guess. Not enough for me since I'm going there to shop. XD


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