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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why analogue?

Today I'm going to tell you why I chose the analogue format before digital format in photography.

The price: Let's face it, film cameras that are plastics are cheaper than digital cameras =P I do understand the developing cost might be expensive on

The thrill: Not seeing what you took and not knowing how it turns out until you develop the films makes me anxious and excited to see the end result! There's no delete or undo button on film cameras and that's why making beautiful photos is a challenge to me. 

The effect: Cross process slide films makes wonderful effects that photoshop cannot achieve. It is natural and I don't even need to edit the photos. (I'm lazy when it comes to editing photos) Certain photos can only be achieve with certain cameras and many photo editing softwares actually copy the real effect from the analogue cameras.

The size: Most of my film cameras are compact and light. I love bringing them around because they are light and small! One of the rule of lomography is to take your cameras everywhere you go whether day or night. 
Speed: I love analogue cameras because they are small and fast! People would not be awkward even if you do click on the shutter. They thought I'm carrying a toy most of the time. I love street photography so it's ideal for me! 

If you like my post, click. I'm still on my Taiwan trip! =D 



  1. those were the days.. i remember using it when i was young.. now, yeah, DSLR :P

  2. @Camy: U're fast to comment. Thanks!
    @Ken: LOL. U sound old when u said that. DSLR for me as well. At the same time still love analogue =P

  3. It's just like the transmission gear of a car when the Auto Gear was introduced into the market. I heard one saying "Why use manual when the technology of Auto Gear has been invented?" Yet, I still prefer Manual gears to Auto.

    But in this case, to own a camera, I would prefer digital compared to analogue. ;-)

  4. I used to love analogue too but yeah the price to pay for developing the film is what pulls me back sometimes :S

  5. Wow... is that you in those pics?? ^^

  6. @Elisha: I use both format for photos now =) Film is still my passion!
    @Hilda: Try slide films and u'll surely fall back in love!
    @bendan: The only photo have me is the 1st photo with the umbrella. LOL. Others is taken by me and I'm behind camera so I'm not in it =P

  7. hahaha! yeah! i remember last time i wasted the whole film just because i accidentally open the cover and all photos gone! TT

  8. @Henry Tan: LOL. Must must wind all then take out or go to super dark place to open =P


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