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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Why Must I be at Mabul Marine Week 2011

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Mabul Marine Week is from 24th-26 Sepetember this year! 

Why Must I be at Mabul Marine Week 2011 you ask?

Look at the underwater world down there! I must be there to learn how to dive from Scuba Junkie!
Source: Lomography article
The ocean is so pretty! I want to go snorkeling to capture them on my films! 
Source: Lomography article
Source: Lomography article
Did you know that Mabul Marine week is an ongoing project to keep the ocean clean and tidy by resort owners and dive operators? It will be sad if such beautiful wildlife extinct before our next generation can see it due to pollution and locals negligence.
Source: Lomography article
Underwater creatures and plants always fascinates me. I always wonder what lives deep down in the ocean. It is just like fantasy to dive among fishes,sharks, flora and fauna underwater! I just want to be there to swim with all of them!
Source: Lomography article
Did you know that the first three days of Mabul Marine Week highlighted the true spirit of team work. Activities including beach and underwater clean-ups, coral transplanting, environmental education targeting school children, and cultural dance performances, were jointly organised and carried out. Source: WWF
 I can't wait to participate in the exciting activities!!! (I'm excited as I type! =P)
Source: Lomography article
Source: Lomography article
According to @deodatusThe island of Mabul is the central hub to go diving all around in the region. So this is why Mabul island is so polluted by tourist and locals alike. I want to be there to record the event in digital media to let people know about the importance of conserving the environment. 
Sabah Tourism - Mabul Island is so pretty!
I want to be at Mabul Island for this island is an awesome place to relax, unwind and has superb scenery! Just take a look at the photos below!
The blue ocean, the swaying coconut trees and sunny days 
(imagine I'm there while sipping on fresh juice) Syoknya! 

Place for holiday
That's not all, I get to stay on this wonderful chalet on Mabul Island. (Imagine it now) 
*If I do win =P*

I must be at Mabul Marine Week 2011 because I want to explore the island and snap all the pretty scenery from this place to be shared to the world. 
The photos also served as a reminder to people to conserve the environment.

List of Activities during Mabul Marine Week source from WWF
Beach and Underwater Clean-up
A total of 5 tonnes of rubbish was collected on the first and second day of Mabul Marine Week. Community members and tourists scaled the whole of Mabul, armed with gloves and large garbage bags during the beach clean-up, while 80 divers took the plunge with special mesh bags to remove submerged litter.

Environmental education

The environmental education activities included quizzes and games which incorporated special marine conservation messages and a talk on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) at the local primary school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Mabul. An estimated 260 local kids, and 23 foreign tourists, took part, displaying a true integration of cultures.

A video presentation was shown on marine turtle conservation by renowned cinematographer, Clay Wiseman. Clay, who was present at the time, has published his photography and writings in National Geographic Magazine.

Coral transplanting

72 divers were taught by Dive Masters from Sipadan Water Village (SWV) on the method of coral transplanting. Four types of corals (two types of branching corals, massive corals, and columnar corals) were planted in nearby reefs including Paradise Reef and Old House Reef.

As stated by Alex Ho from SWV, coral transplanting has been successfully done by our organisation for the past 10 years. Since the beginning, monitoring has been conducted on a monthly basis to record the growth of the corals. The results now show an average of 54% survivorship. Many others in this industry have followed in our footsteps because the method we use is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Cultural Performance
A night filled with cultural performances was held on the first night (19 July 2008). Dances included a Bajau warrior dance performed by father and daughter, a ‘fun’ dance by the staff of Sipadan Water Village Resort, and a traditional dance by the school children from SK Pulau Mabul.

Health Check
A basic health check was conducted for local community members by the Health Department. Free vitamins were also distributed during this time.

People Involved…

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  1. I've been to mabul island before when i was young! couldnt remember much but i know it was really a beautiful place. must go! must win!. :D

  2. @lyCayenne I want to win too. Need to be the highest hits among other bloggers that join to win =)

  3. Good luck!, your writeup looks awesome!

  4. This place looks so good! I want to go too !

  5. Mabul Island is really alike paradise. I went there with family when I was in secondary school. Love your this entry and best of luck to you. Jia you jia you ^^

    Cutebun, by the way I am Sabahan and Sarawakian too. I was born in Sabah but my IC stated I am Sarawakian because both of my parents are Sarawakian. I went back Kuching once a year:D

  6. Looks like a great place for a getaway! Hopefully you will win so you can take lots of nice photos too. xD

  7. @Isaac Thank you for your compliment! =)
    @Nikel Yup.So pretty! I've never been there yet.
    @Wilee Come come let's go! =D
    @Diana Same same. I'm born in Sabah but I'm a Sarawakian with a K behind =P
    @Oridusartic Yup it is! Awesome place!

  8. @Kyril Ya lor.. I wanna go~~~
    @Caroline Thank you! =D Will do a food post soon! hehe
    @Pennie Owh I got them from the net.hehe. Thank you =D

  9. Hye!! Great Post!!

    Good Luck to you too..;-)


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