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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yoohoo from Taipei

A quick update while I'm on holiday!

This is a year long planned trip way before I graduated last year! XD Glad I successfully graduated without convo yet =P

This time I'm equiped with Casio Exilim camera which is pretty good as a compaq! Smart adjustment!

I'm going there using a particular airline, can you guess?

Welcome to Taiwan! Taiwan missing from the photo

7 Eleven looks like Starbucks hor? added grocery shelf. =P
Short updates. =P This is just a teaser post. I'll promise to write a full week about Taiwan to bore you all when I'm back!

Do click to support me on my participation in Mabul Island contest so I can go to a 3 Days 2 night stay! =D 



  1. 7-11 is so cool! different signage :S LOL

  2. @Kian Fai: Got same signage one also. LOL. Many many food lo. Even Salad for men =P

  3. can't wait for ur upcoming post! :)


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