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Sunday, 23 October 2011

The 80s Elizabeth King Charity Dinner & Dance

The theme of the night was T.G.I.F. just like Katy Perry's song! The dress code was 80s! If you do not know how 80s fashion looks like, watch T.G.I.F video!

The jewellery are so pretty!

The main purpose of organizing this charity dinner is to help those in need which includes Autism society, Mental health organization and villages that was caught in fire at Borneo Highlands. All of the proceeds from that night will be giving to charity. Tiger beer was sold for RM5 per can too  for charity.

They are so great that they invited famous singer from the past like Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and even 21st century Lady Gaga!
Elvis Presley
Lady Gaga

There was also fashion show with Elizabeth King accessories and clothes provided by one of the shop in One Jaya Mall.

Unique beads!

Lucky draw! Lucky draw prizes are so huge! I have no luck getting it so were the rest of the members from my table. =P
For Play only!
Yours truly

Performances like African Dance by Swinburne students, Ballroom dancing and singing were present too!

The highlight of the night was the announcing of the Best Dressed Female and Male. The Best dressed is none other than Eve! Doesn't she looks like she's back from the 80s?


That night was like a night full of paparazzi! So many photographers and media photographers gather at the stage to get good shots.

Did I mentioned that all of us need to stand on the wall of fame and get shot by at least 7 photographers that night? Flash guns were pointed at us! Fortunately we survived the attack and enjoyed ourselves throughout the night!

Thank you Mike for giving me the chance and tickets to go =)



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