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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Last Day with Miri finalist and Sushi King Rm2 Bonanza

Hi again! I'm currently out of juice to write something interesting. Hehe. Need to take few more days to rest my mind then can write more stuff to entertain you all =P 
Anyway, photos time! 
 Walter! Cute or not? Handsome? XD

 Stella and Isabel!
 Kelly and Stella looking on. 
 I wonder what Dylan is trying to do. Hmm~~  Dylan is the guitarist for them throughout the competition!
 Summer and 仁安
 There must be something outside that window. There must be. 
 Summer very busy with her Rabito Iphone XD
 Valeniece  - Not sure if I spelled her name right. She's a model!
 仁安 with his trademark pose. The peace sign
 仁安turns into a cat? =^o^=
 A sweet petite Isabel with strong vocals!
 Another one
 Both of them are so busy on the phone
 A smile while on the phone too ! Stella is just so pretty! She was a beautician! 
 My nerdy look for the day =.=
 Summer and her prize for winning the best dressed singer. 
Summer is from Kuching by the way. =P 

Next Session, Sushi King RM2 Bonanza!
 This is only the first round. Shocked look? 

 Good! XD
 Longer queue since I last queue
 So far that it went after 3 shoplots!
See? Imagine if we were to line up an hour late. Aww well~ 

Sushi was good! Not much variety but I get to eat Ebiko! 
That concludes my entry for today! Hope to see you soon. Let's hope I'll be motivated and some ideas appears in my head! Above photos was taken using company Canon compact camera XD Misuse of company asset. hoho

Taken by Xiao Kelly using my camera ! =D 



  1. Hi Stella XD

    Omigosh the Q... i think i can go eat somewhere else to eat first, come back full and the uncle is still waiting in line XD

  2. @Daniel U fall for Stella? XD LOL!!!

  3. gosh! so many ppl lining up for sushi!

  4. Where is the place ? very long Q..everybody so patient to line up all because of The King of Sushi...I will do the same :-)

  5. @Miss Tina At Hills Shopping Mall Kuching =) Wow. LOL

  6. siao ah sushi king? i won't queue soooo long leh... sure hungry and tired like mad ! :D

  7. @merryn Fortunately I did not queue that far. XD

  8. Got how many Sushi King outlet in Kuching? Walaooo..never thought Kuching people crave for sushi until queue so long long long...

  9. lama da tak pekena sushi ni..rasa mengidam lak...


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