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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Poppies Precious Little Ones Fair @ Spring Shopping Mall

Last weekend ,there was a children fair happening at The Spring shopping mall and the crowd was massive! It is named 'Poppies Precious Little Ones Fair'.

That was the first time I saw so many parents, future parents and little ones appearing at a shopping mall at the same time!

The Spring was decorated with balloons and other decorations that are interesting to watch.
Did you spot pacifiers? 

Many booths was present and they are selling and promoting products that are beneficial to babies and children to the parents.
There was also interactive booth for children to play games and also free tasting of their products for children.

The children loves to play this game of catching the right ping pong ball
If they caught all 3 DHA ball and they get a small gift! 

Sereni and Shentel headbands was spotted too! Bling bling! 
Lastly is the ever popular Angry Birds on tshirts! 

Overall I think TruEvents did a great job at bringing family together to join in the fun and activities. 
I enjoyed watching families whether they have young babies to small children smiling throughout the events =) 
Hoping to see more events for children. ^_^ 

If you wish to view more photos, you can go to my page



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