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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Station One Unplug Talent Grand Finals 2011

Last weekend I was so busy covering and helping out at company's event/competition. I had fun being one of the photographers to snap photos =)
The event take place at Station One Hills Shopping Mall Kuching! Check out the new friends I made below.

There are a total of 8 finalist that made it to the grand finals. They totally rocked the stage!
Meet Salfarina Isabell! She's the champion of this competition!
Watch if you don't believe
She sang 'Price Tag' by Jessie J. and nailed the act! She made the crowds sings with her! A true performer! 
Her winning moment!
The 1st runner up is Dennis!
Don't think he looks plain and can't sing. He sang One Night in Beijing! Geng or not? I was shocked that night when watching his performance! 
Xiao K is the girl next to Dennis and she's pretty awesome too! She has a unique voice! Credits to some of the photos she took with my camera =) 

Meet Summer Wong. 2nd Runner Up!
Her final on stage look in black dress. 
Summer! She is pretty, young and has a powerful voice!
I actually knew Summer  as in saw her face way before this competition. I saw her for the first time at PC Fair. She was promoting online games that time. =D A rising star in the making. 
Stella - A finalist from Miri. She's also one of the leng lui between all the finalist! She's friendly and she has super fine skin, no need photoshop also beautiful! 

Walter and his son! hehe. He can really sing! He's cute too! 
Another photo of his full face =P

All of them are in the Top 5 in this competition! So ngam all wear BLACK!

The most popular finalist is Isabell! She has a total of 100++ votes. She's from Miri btw. I wonder where she got all her supporters. Must be her talent and voice the sweep the crowds' feet off the ground. 
Best Dressed award belongs to Summer! She's so pretty that anything she wear also look pretty! =D kan?

From the left: Xiao K, yours truly, Walter and Sherlene 

Prize giving group photo and see how Isabell holds her new trophy! 

Oh ya, the funny part while taking photograph is the person on stage not willing to leave the stage and still pose for camera even though the official photographer(not me) waves at them OK. XD 
Group photos! 

I had fun knowing some of the finalist and enjoy taking lots of photos those 2 nights. Hope to see them again soon! I miss you all. Especially those in Miri. T_T 

*Disclaimer: This blog post is a volunteer post that is in no way affiliated with Station One EM. The whole post is based solely on my own opinion and in no way representing Station One EM. I'm not paid for this post as well so no biased involve*



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