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Friday, 7 October 2011

What's for lunch?

Usually that's the biggest question everyday at lunch time. I just can't decide what to have for lunch.

Everyday eat I'll become bigger than Sumo later. =.= 

Sushi is nice but pricey. Eat everyday will become broke before the end of the month.  
Chinese food?
Delicious but quite oily sometimes. Preferable. =)
Malay Food?
Nasi Lemak! I like but coconut milk in the rice is high in cholesterol and fattening. =(
Indian Food?
Roti Canai I also like but everyday will make me hate curry. 

What's your choice? Only few outlets around my working area and the selection is pretty limited. I often walk to eating places around 5 minutes away just to save some money and having affordable food. 

Everyday can change menu but still the choice is limited and I can get blank on what to eat sometimes. Do you?



  1. The same questions will pop into our mind when everytime comes to lunch during I was working too. "What's lunch for today?". Luckily that time working at Damai, more choices and varieties. But sometimes I cook myself at home and bring lunch box to work :D

  2. @Diana True. The food here expensive le cos cafe price. Damai food nice and cheap also =)

  3. Aiya...just mamak la. Affordable and more choices. Hahaha!!XD

  4. @bendan no mamak here in Kch. Got oso not nice and very far

  5. I eat few months here...same stupid restaurant...and limited...i also no longer know what to eat in the end... =___=

  6. As much as I love sushi and sashimi, it's true that everyone can't afford to have that everyday. I'll usually have economy rice for lunch, the same dish everyday :p

  7. @Eric LOL. Same here. The pricy food is near and the cheaper food is further. So sometimes walk further just to eat.

  8. I love zhap fan the most lol. Economic and nice.

  9. Cutebun - then make bento lor easy for you :-)

  10. I feel hungry once I look at those photos.. SLURPS! :D

  11. @toninkush u thin bor.. can eat fast food and not get fat.
    @jfook Economic but it's a bit far for me to walk to eat.
    @Miss Tina bento ah. no time to make. Rush to work everyday
    @pennie LOL. Grab a bite! =D


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