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Monday, 21 November 2011

Basaga and Bing! night out

Tonight is 26 October, 
on the same night I graduated, went to the Swinburne Alumni dinner at Basaga. 
Priscilla - My Sabahan course mate =)

After Basaga, we're kidnapped went to Bing! with Henry's friends.
Vanilla latte - I think 
Met 2 new friends from Kuching that are currently working in KL. 
Seems like a lot of East Malaysian go over to Peninsular to work hor? 
White chocolate? I forgot what this drink was. 
Bing! is a concept of franchise in Kuching. 

They serve illy coffee and many types of tea too. 

Ice Blended Chocolate Mint
We talked about various reasons why East Malaysian went over to Peninsular to work. 

Henry's drink. 
I really love bokeh photos! Fell in love with bokeh photos already. 
Ice Blended Mocha Mint
I still prefer having less sweet drink like mocha over chocolate. Bitter sweet? 
One of my favourite dessert to order here, Influence mainly by Amelia (my cousin).

Photo credits to Henry for snapping it with my D7000 camera. 

It's nice knowing new people tonight! Hope that we shall meet again! 
Sorry no photos of them at all. Too busy talking to take photos of humans. 
Random short post, hope you're not hungry after reading!

Now one important question to ask:
What domain name should I buy? taken T-T



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