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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Clevermunkey's visit over to Kuching!

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak. 
We Kuchingnites got not much to do at night except for eating. LOL. We just love food a lot! 
Speaking of which, Henry aka Clevermunkey was in Kuching end of last month! =P
 Henry's orange juice - Photo credits to Henry took with my camera =P

 Bidin belacan - A must eat in Sarawak. 
Ma Po tauhu - Nothing special =P 
 3 layer pork with sweet sauce! 
 We ordered from this stall at Open Air Market - Jln Khoo Hun Yeang
 At the other side of Open Air - We went to eat Ice Cream with peanut and gula atap

 So this is the stall
 My weird face eating ice cream =.="
 Next is Durian at mum's friend's place

 We're so full with dinner, ice cream and durian!

Next we went to Premier 101 along with my cousin, Amelia to meet Akiraceo aka Jian
 Amelia gave me a brand new headband! Pretending to be Bunny =P
 Cha Kueh 
 Meow's food - Kam Pua, Foochow's version of Kolo mee
 My senior from uni was celebrating his birthday at the next table so we got some chocolate cakes - we're too full to finish the cake in the end 
The group photo! 
Jian, me and Henry~
Credits to Amelia for taking it! ^_^
If you still remember this
His post still needs likes! Head over to My Journey with La Sardina 35mm Camera to like and comment! ^_^

That concludes Day 1!



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