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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dance Me a Story Studio 23 Finale!

So sorry for the super late sneak peak of the musical theater of the year.
On the 6th November, Sarawak bloggers and I went to watch 'Dance Me A Story' production at BCCK. 
The experience and show was wonderful!
Check out her Red eye lashes! Cool or Hot? 
She's Serina, the director of this show! 

First in Kuching and it's the biggest show that I've ever watched! 
 'Stronger' cast in rehearsal
I like her expression! She's shocked to see the violence in her home.

 Domestic violence - it's a matter of who can covered up better. 
It happens in both poor and rich families. 
In this story, it happens in a well educated, middle to high income family. 
 Serina during the interview!
 Many people asked: 'Why won't she leave?'
Serina answered: 'It's not easy to leave because of commitments, face value, shame and the leaving and returning process may happen up to 5 years before a woman can completely leave.'

Arabian Fairytale rehearsal
In the first story: 'An Arabian Fairytale' is a more light-hearted show about an Arabian Prince in search of a princess and travelled around the world to meet many princesses.
 Balancing sword on head! O.O
 Angel had a go on the sword! 
 Mike too!
 Tribal princesses! Cool or not?
The dancers has freedom to experiment bold makeups and that night they even had tattoos on them!
I like her look here. She's gorgeous! 
A group photo
Look at how Melissa balance the sword on her head!
 They are so dedicated!
Serina said that dancers brought the sword home and practice at home too!
Body bend 

 Flamingo dancers!
Naughty modern jazz dancers
A dance challenge betweet flamingo & modern jazz dancers!
I love their colourful dresses
Rehearsal preview Ends

The real deal!
Group photos of all 91 dancers! 
One of the energetic dancer! I like her moves! 
Fahriee and Jenny!
Water Princesses - looking hot in cheong sam! 
Fire princess and other princesses
Thiller dance routine! Entertaining to watch! 
They're in character once the music starts.. zombies alert!
crawling on the floor like zombie~ creeping

Walk like one too!

Thank you bows~
Main cast in 'Stronger' 
I enjoyed the show with such creativity and surely impact spectators that night!
Pirate Princess /Cathy 
Fire Princess/ Isobel
Some of the dances is in more than 1 role! They took 3 months to train and then perform! 
Fahriee and Angel
Yay! Complimentary ticket worth RM50! Reserved seat somemore =D 
My cousin Anselm - representing Little Hainan for the flowers.
Arabian Fairytale backdrop!  

Thank you Serina for inviting us bloggers to watch this wonderful show! It's a first time for me to watch a musical theater in a big place like BCCK.
Fellow Sarawak Bloggers =D 
This is the best production I've watched so far! The dances and the drama factor is a huge success. I truly enjoyed the show and even got emotional. Worth while to watch! The next show is going to be in 2 years time. >_<



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