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Friday, 4 November 2011

Lunch with colleague @ The Tarot Salmon

'What's for lunch?' That's the main question we asked each other besides asking where to eat. =.=

So one fine day we went to have Japanese lunch! Thanks to Candy!
Read on after the jump for more food photos!

By the way, this is my first attempt using my new 50mm lens outside the house. 
He's not food but he's cute so he's here! Weee~~~
Not forgetting my Diana Mini~
 We walk from office all the way to Batik Boutique Hotel where The Tarot Salmon Japanese Restaurant is located. 
The interior decoration

 I found the decoration to be unique and quite artistic too. It must be influence by the Batik Boutique Hotel concept. 
A lamp is artistic too

Ocha - Green tea
While I'm taking photos, colleague was discussing why I'm taking photos of everything. LOL
They even arrange the teapot nicely
酱 - Jiang!
See, even soy sauce also I wanna take photo of it. 
Candy - my model
She happily sips her tea. I happily snapping away. 

Setting on the round table

Yums! Sashimi on rice
The sashimi was good! The only part is we didn't know the sashimi came with rice because the menu is in japanese and did not describe the food items in english. 

Chicken rice? LOL 
My colleague ordered chicken rice. I forgot the japanese name. >_<
Line up together
They actually hungry waiting for me to snap. I took many shots for a single food. =P
My salmon on rice.
My rice was kinda moist with the juices from salmon and still yummy. The rice portion was huge! 
Rice roll
The rice roll is filled with crispy chicken quite tasty and good fro starters. 

We spent Rm70++ and thankfully we have discount of 25% that day so it was all worth it. Super filling and yummy lunch!



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