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Saturday, 5 November 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment gotta be on the year I graduated which is this year! On the date 26th October 2011 at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching!
The moment I throw my mortarboard up on air, I knew that my 4 years in University is worth it!

My tertiary education actually started back in year 2007 when I just graduated from my secondary school. I studied at SEGi college for 2 semester before switching to Swinburne University of Technology. 

So on July 2007 I entered Swinburne University and enrolled in Foundation of Business program. Joined SAMS and my life has changed ever since! 
A sense of achievement when I receive my scroll from our Pro Vice Chancellor - Taib Mahmud =P 
Throughout the four years, I've met a lot of friends, gain a lot of knowledge whether in text or in life and even joined  Swinburne Anime & Manga Society (SAMS), Swinburne Drama Club and Swinburne Dance Club.

My photos will be chronological order . Here we go!

Prom night as a final year student!
I actually get to sit in the VIP table just because I'm a club president.
Celebrated SAMS's 4th year anniversary with the founder, ex- president and my vice president. ^^
Joined Drama Indie group - yours truly as Queen of Hearts in 'Alice in Wonderland'. Having fun being in character while  being with other drama indie members.
I need to go unhappy,grumpy& demanding in character.

SAMS Dango making session! Dango with chocolate filling! I was doing a demo for the participants. We roll and roll into balls and then eat them!
We even played Dango song in the background!
SAMS training camp - A fun bonding session with my committees~
 [obviously it's not bonding =P a prank!]
President pulling Vice- President's towel. >_<
Best camp ever! We even did a mascot! SAMS training camp conducted by SAMS student advisors. We get to know each other more and increase ouur team work for the club.
Club recruitment day! My first task after being appointed as president! Manage to get 50+ people to sign up those 2 days!
CNY gathering: My bunch of Anime & Manga lover friends! We knew each other through the club and cosplay!
Us with our cups! Guess which is mine?
Anime Gathering 2009! Quite a success! We all dress up according to theme!
[Did you notice my tendency to pull people? ]
My second cosplay as Mio from K-On!
Sarawak Plaza cosplay competition - my first public appearance in cosplay though. >_<
I also tried cosplay for the first time as Sasuke if you remember my previous post =P
Here comes Swinburne Dance Club! Dance to express not to impress is the phrase I learnt.
We dance, we learn,  we express!
Swinburne Drama Club - I'm one of the card. Can you spot me?
We're like family and I really miss them all now.
We all did crazy stuff and really bond like a family in this production. I'm so glad I'm part of it!
Prom night 2009 - Masquerade night! We had fun using our colourful mask throughout the night~
Stephanie and I in our pretty mask!
Anime Gathering 2008 where I got a chance to try on Yukata! I was the emcee of the night too!
Then Prom Night 2008
Last photo! My first time with SAMS. It was a Maid and Butler theme dinner party.

And that's my happiest moment story behind that photo!
Now tell me, what's your happiest moment story? 



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