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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

I want the iPhone 4 S so that I can impress my friends and family with Siri! We can all ask silly questions and get funny answers from Siri.  

I can even ask Siri how's the weather condition like the following advertisement! So I can definitely not get wet from the rain when going out because I can ask Siri and bring umbrella! =P

With the amazing apps I can install on iPhone 4S and the wonderful 8mp camera, I can shoot anything and everything in sight! 

Crop function is so convenient for me to produce beautiful photos!

 I want to take lots of photos like these but bear with my crappy photos from my current phone =P
I'm sure iPhone4S can produce even more vivid photos than this =D

If only I have iPhone4S then I can take photos that are like these:
And using by iCloud as well then my photos would have back up! 

See how iCloud works in the video below!

So DiGi can you now 




Awesome phone like this I want!

So I can declared

Victory smile =P



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