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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Today, I want to tell you about my best friends a.k.a best companions. I'm greedy so I want more than one companion hence the 'S'.

I heard so much about the amazing Siri and I would want Siri to be my best friend but in order to befriend    Siri, I gotta first own an iPhone 4S.

Where to find the best deal?  If only Siri can answer me. I'm sure Siri would answer DiGi!

Guess what? DiGi has came out with the most affordable iPhone 4S plans!

My dream to have the best companions is coming true~~

So I'm dreaming of a conversation with Siri:

Me: Hey Siri, who can offer the best SMS deal for iPhone 4S?
Siri: 4Sure is DiGi
Me: What about the most wallet friendly MMS deals?
Siri: 4Sure is DiGi
Me: I want something more, like the best data plan too?
Siri: For the last time, 4Sure is DiGi

So there you have it, Siri answers DiGi for all 3 questions!

Here's some example of Siri as my best companion besides having DiGi.
Siri is funny!

Siri would be afraid of making me angry.

I'm curious of where Siri is from so:

Siri doesn't need me to flatter him so 'phew'




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