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Friday, 9 December 2011

Ducati Multistrada Borneo Experience DAY 2 & 3

Let me bring you to a tour around the Ducati bikers and their bikes!
Warning again this is a photo post. So it will need more time to load photos.
Is that shirt cool or what? 
Was having breakfast at Merdeka Palace surrounded by bikers. I must say they look so cool in their biker's outfit!

Today is the official flag off for the Multistrada Borneo Experience 2011!
A line up of helmets
Tire and rims
Controls in daylight!
My main subject is the banner behind =3
White Ducati bike!
The owner is a lady! woot!

Reminds me of bumble bee 
His face and earlier on you saw his shirt! XD
Big bikes!
I think of Power Rangers when I see this.
Group photos that I randomly was asked to take 
Check out the controls!
Some bikers and Ducati staff 
Artistic or not? 
Starting point!

NAZA World
Representative from Ducati

Cool uncle? XD
YB Datuk Amar Abang Hj. Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Datuk Abang Hj. Openg
I think he's my former classmates, Paul. 
Day 3
Ducati Bikes - How I miss you and how I never got on one. 
A Black Version
Lone Ranger?
Cute bikers right? *peace sign*
Dylan! A PR for the company. Cute and cool? 
ME! Thanks to Chloe for being my photographer!
*purposely show 2 photos of me* *thick face*
*Jeng jeng* MIB! XD 

*vroom vroom* 
Ready to rock!
Coming towards me. Oh my!
Swoosh x 2
Swoosh x 3
Swoosh x 4
You've gone crazy yet?  reading my ridiculous caption. =P 
Swoosh x 5
Last swoosh
Bikers getting ready for last Flag off in Kuching before departing to Serian
I like the Stars stickers.
Reminds me of the One Step Rainbow Polaroid camera. *camera addict*
Meant to take photo of his bike and he posed for me so = Result 
They suddenly left their bikes. See? 
Flag off! #1 (Just Kidding) XD
#3 !
Zoom zoom!
Zoom zoom zoom!
Zoom zoom zoom zoom!
Oops, last biker forgot to be on time XD 
With that I bid farewell to Chloe as she travel with the Ducati Group and set out an adventure through Borneo!

So how many of you scroll all the way? *annoying max?*
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