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Friday, 23 December 2011

Fullhouse is now in Kuching!

Last month, Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe has officially open in Kuching! It's located at Hills Shopping Mall next to Old Town White Coffee.

That day got 5 liondance for the opening! Normally I see shops only ask for 2-4 but 5 is a first! The opening is grand with guest and VIPs packed the whole place!

Ribbon cutting ceremony. The boss is the young one second right! I like the waitress' uniforms, pretty cute!

The best shot I got for group photos. The directors and families. 

'Welcome' and she pose for me. Being a lady photographer is fun also and can always ask people to pose. 

Some of the petite cakes sold there.

Cute designers cake. 

The name cards. All got personalised designs. 

A dash of accessories! Got silver and gold coloured  ones.
The teddy is really cute! Perfect to store phones. 

I took this because I like the top. Korean made clothes! Cheapest I've seen is RM99 so still consider decent for Korean clothes. 

Purposely try on one of the ribbons and camwhore. 
Me again. 
That's it! 
There's Fullhouse icon too here!

Can you spot the one I wore?
More accessories. Rings are so huge!
The sweet girly fashion will like this section. 
Baa baa black sheep~ . *eh salah* White sheep. 
Sheep mum said to little sheep: Do you want some grass?
Little sheep: We're stuck on the wooden floor. 
My lame joke. 
CEO, Adam Swee. 
This is the tauke aka boss! Jie Wong

Director Ken Wong. 

Cute decoration on counter. So when you pay up at the counter do look at it. =P

The signature car

The same one Mr. Bean use right? Just that it's not apple green. 

They say Fullhouse is always full house. That is true because my friends that want to dine without reservation usually didn't get to eat there. So be smart and call in to ensure you have a spot to eat. 

I tried to capture the colourful lights but you can only see white sign. 

The Menu!

It is in a magazine format

There's also news and comics to read in the menu itself.

I did try their famous chicken chop! Want to see photos? Head to <3

I like the characters. So many cartoon characters each having their own personality. 

Lifestyle and Cafe
LG-21, Hills Shopping Mall, Interhill Place,
93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
T (6082) 252 882  F (6082) 250881
Fullhouse facebook page

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