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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hitz Kuching Birthday Invasion

I was all hyped up when Hitz Kuching announced that they are going to have a massive celebration at BCCK 2 weeks before the event and was hoping to win some passes to go. 

I was banned during the first week of the contest due to my previous winning record so I anxiously waited for the last week to try and win the VIP passes and I won not just 1 pass but 5 VIP passes! 

VIP area with seats. 
I brought Amelia and Anselm as my guest to BCCK and was escorted to VIP area #likeaboss .
My two cousins, Amelia and Anselm
Adrienne (the one in nude coloured shirt), my partner in crime to sneak to the main stage area for a few snaps. hehe
The best part being in the VIP area is we get to sit on proper chairs and closer to stage area and some of the performing artists actually went down to VIP area to interact with us!
Natasha and Meng! Hitz Kuching DJs!
When both DJs come on stage, the crowd just went wild!
Dance performances
I forgot the crew's name but they can really dance! All girls dance crew!
Did I told you that these girls rip off their clothes on second part of the dance? They are just so hot and melts the hearts of the crowds. 
They joined Borneo Street Dance competition last 2 months too! 

Soul Higher
They won the Borneo Street Dance competition 1st place in Sarawak and got 2nd runner up in the finals!
I'm just so proud of them, making Sarawakians proud with their dances!

A gif. image I made for them. =D
Popping and locking sure is not easy. I joined dance club during Uni days and I know how tough it is to coordinate the body movement. 

JJ and Ean arrival
Everyone just screamed when JJ and Ean came in from the main entrance!

They are up on stage with our local DJs
They sound exactly the same like radio just the difference is we can see them in person doing it! 
Polar - first act on stage
See how the crowds squeeze in just to snap a photo? 
So JJ and Ean drop by the VIP area to say hi! 

Ean is so buff! Muscular!
Cyril, Fahrie (perfect poser) and Robbie
Nadhira! She can sing and her hair style is just so cool!
Nadhira has her head shaved on one side and long hair on the other! Uber cool? 

Her songs really makes the crowds dance! Whatchu waiting for is sung of course! 
Mootz from Popshuvit
Popshuvit next! There was a game before that to win exclusive merchandise by singing Popshuvit's songs. 
I get to listen to them live after so many years listening to their songs over radio. 
The only song I've heard is 'Mara Bahaya' >_<

Anselm and Ryan!
I only found out Ryan is from Kuching? Correct me if I'm wrong. He's so cute with all the poses and so tall and handsome. <3
Ryan is so hot! *melted* 

My cute cousin! *peace*
Well, that's it! We rock hard to Jakeman and Skeletors' hitz and went supper after that. 
If you want to view more photos, go to Cutebun Facebook Page



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