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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Junk Bar a.k.a Backstage in Kuching, Sarawak!

My article published today at Lomography Lomolocation Article section (A reblog)

This is where my friends and I go to get wild during weekends or just chill out during weekdays. 'Backstage' is behind the restaurant named 'The Junk Restaurant'. Wondering why it's also referred to as the 'Junk'? Read on to find out why.

This is how the ceiling looks like, no, that is not my point; look at the lanterns and chandelier, vintage and classic or what? There’s also a lightbox sign inside the bar itself too.
Look at what is hanging on the ceiling high up? If you guess it right, those are saxophones as well as a classic record player! You can also see how the tourists mingle with the locals at the bar!
Oh, lookie lookie see what I have found? A tiger machine also known as a slot machine! Remember the previous slot machine on the lomography site? It is named after Aladdin! Just too bad the slot machine is not open for business because if it is, I’ll have a go at it too.
I also spotted a bingo basket and an antique radio! You can see different types of radios from the olden days.
Now let’s go on to the interior design or should I say the furniture and decorations? We have a ‘gong’, which is a traditional musical instrument from Borneo, and more specifically, Sarawak! You can see that there’s a tribal mask on the side and that is originated from the natives in Sarawak. Tribal masks are usually used to ward off evil spirits according to local natives’ beliefs. I also found a sleeping Buddha statue near the water feature in the bar itself!
My friend and I chilling in the bar! Looking at the menu pinned up on the sides.
My self portrait failed. Flash too bright! And a successful one following which is still bright.
I had fun mingling and chilling with friends and this place is popular for backpackers too aside from the locals!

written by cutebun



  1. Wootz.. that is ahlost favourite #iquitdrinking place..

    Just dont like the parking lor.


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