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Friday, 16 December 2011

Kuching - My days as tour guide unofficially

When Ken said he's coming over to Kuching for work, then I offered to be his tour guide 
(so-called la) 

We're ready to tour Kuching. 

First off, I brought him to 3rd mile market to eat Kolo mee and I ate Kueh Chap (let him try some) XD

He drinks the metahon =) I drank White lady (photos too terrible so not showing =X)

He makan habis baru pose for me. LOL
Ice Cream after dinner. This ice cream is so special that has peanuts and gula apong inside!
Open Air Market 

We also ate sio bee and drank soy bean (The next visit)  and he wrote his The Best Discount Store Ever post inspired by the store around here.
Kasuma Resort - Ken stays here! Like resort ah.

Take a tour down Padungan aka China Town

Heee- Me being tourist to pose with Big Kitty Cat!

Old shoplot - from ancient times =)
The other 4 kittens at the very front/back of China Town.

Ken pose with the Cat family statue 
The view from Star Cineplex 9th floor
You should come up here just for the view instead of movies . LOL
We went for dinner at Hui Sing Commercial Centre Hawker Store after that. Hungry mah.
Pork Satay at Hui Sing Hawker centre. 
Cha Kueh - Salty and sweet mix
I ordered mix because I can't decide which is better. 
Tomato Kueh Tiaw - I prefer to name it like that. 
The weekend after I brought Ken over to Damai Beach! ^_^ too bad no picnic. 
My fault for waking up too late. huhu. 
Damai Central ! We decided to go to the beach that weekend. 
Hornbill wanted to fly off but only to realise it was stuck on cement. >_<
Overexpose - Ken is camwhoring
Back pose? haha
Weee~~ Too bad his eyes is smaller like >_<

Ken also willingly jump for me~~ awww~~ Sweet? 
Now watch!
Hope he don't mind. lalala
After a trip to the beach, it's time for dinner! We went to Buntal to have some seafood~
Fried squid - I have no idea what to order so...he ordered this
O-Chien - Fried oyster pancake! My fav! <3
This is Lala. Bamboo clam. hehe
We had a really full dinner. The dishes portion is for 3-4 person and we ate it together. 

Then the next day, Sunday - Last weekend for Ken here in Kuching. I brought him to eat only. 
Last day so Ken had extra big bowl of Kolo mee at Thompson Corner. 
3 layer Teh C Peng! Don't forget to try it when you're here!
and that concludes my lousy tour guide duty XD 

You can read his adventure in Kuching below:
Not-So-Fun Work Trip to Kuching

Let's all hope Ken Wooi won the Hidden Gem awards tonight! ^_^



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