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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! By the time you read this post, I might be somewhere out there counting down.

2011 has been a great year and I've met friends online and even met some of them in person!

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the bloggers I met in person!
I like that we read each others blogs and often tweeted each other and also on Facebook as well.

First blog: Mei Tzeu's blog!
I like her traveling, eating and also her happening life! Recently, I've won a giveaway from her blog!
I like her style of writing and always makes everything so interesting! I first stumbled on her blog while researching places of interest in Taiwan because I'm about to go there during September this year and found really good tips and guides here!
We met for the first time at HA party at White Room, KK! 
From left is Charlotte, Mei Tzeu and yours truly. 

Second candidate is Charlotte
Her blog is about lifestyle, events and her happening life in KK.
I like her blogging style, very informative and also interesting to read. You can see her fashionable pose inside too! =)

When I met her at the Absolut media conference and she's so confident and first impression is that she dress well and is very pretty! That night and the next night at HA KK we just partied like there's no tomorrow! It's fun!
Charlotte, Tom and me. 
Third blog: Chloe!
She blogs about her very exciting job and events that includes interview session with Greyson Chance and also lifestyle in KK.
My first impression is she's so tall that she can be model and very stylish too! True enough she did model and won Miss Borneo Tourism before and now the Young Tourism Ambassador! So proud of her!

Fourth blog to intro is Samantha's
She blogs about various events and I love her clothes and style in her blog. I'm all for the photos. hehe. I think she's a lifestyle blogger? I like her 21st Birthday post which features a lot of fun party photos!
Anyway, I met her during the Arthur's Day Launch at The Beer Factory at Sunway Giza this August and she looks just as pretty as her photos. ^_^

Fifth blog: Kate's Beyond Chic

I like to see her life photos and she blogs about her life and events and fashion too!
I met her when she's working at the HA KK party and she demonstrate to us on how to mix our very own cocktail. I didn't know she'a a blogger until last 2 months and discovered that she's a blogger as well! She is so pretty and works as freelance model too! She's a polite and nice person and Hayden is the one wanting to take photos with her that night. >_<

I hope you enjoyed the female bloggers's blogs as much as I do. =)

Merry Christmas!

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