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Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2012 New Year Resolution

2011 has been a very good year and we can usher in the new 2012 and hopefully not end of the world with a bright smile!
Photo credits to Henry
  1. I completed my course after 4 years in university successfully and without delay. God bless me a lot this year!
  2. A lot of first in my life this year which includes attending events, concerts, meeting famous people  and really enjoying my life fully! 
  3. I met so many friends this year! Whether online or offline. I get to meet a lot of bloggers face to face too from KL to KK and even Kuching!
  4. I also get to fly to several places this year. China and Taiwan are my major travel destination. I also went to KK and KL twice this year. Great huh? Use the airplane #likeaboss =P
There are many more events and happenings in my life that I cannot describe all so read my post in 2011 to know some of them. =P

My 2012 resolution (not really a list la)
#1 I must find out what I want to do for the rest of my life. A career?
#2 Take more awesome photos in both digital and analogue.
#3 Travel more and experience more of other cultures
#4 Learn learn and learn more new things
#5 Get a boyfriend if I fancy? XD If not just stay single happily. Freedom ma. =P
#6 Involve in more projects that can help others in need. In church or outside organization.
#7 Spend more time with family.
#8 Produce more quality blog post and get a domain.
#9 Take care of my appearance and start exercising >_<
#10 Be more organized and neat.

The list can go on and on but that's it for now.

Happy New Year 2012! See you next year! >_<



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