MYFM Birthday Bash

 The event started with the voice over by Ah Beng and Ah Lian if you listen to MYFM morning show, you'll know who I'm talking about. 
Opening lights

Read on for more photos and videos!
Dancers : All from Sarawak!
Love the lightings
Story started with choir from primary school children
They are at a old well called 'Koo Ching'
Each of them made a wish at the well.
Amelyn - Her character wished that she's the prettiest!
Addy as the DJ of MYFM - announcing the Talent Search competition.
Aising - She grew up as tomboy named ' Ah Boy'. 
Ah Boy searching for partners to join talent competition and met Rambo. 
It's all about the money for him!
Ah Lian then appear. Rambo's character wished to marry Caucasian  so Ah Lian dyed her hair gold!
Addy aka Amelyn's helper announce something. 
Kim! He wished that he can be the next Bruce Lee!

Ah boy is here to ask her to join the competition at Amelyn's kopitiam
Ah Beng is here to give the 16th diamond ring to Amelyn.
Ah Beng and Ah Lian sings 1 word song. 
Melvin Sia - our very own Sarawakian actor now singer!
All the contestants for the Talent Search
Feasible crew!
Angry Birds Duo - Do watch the video below!

All 5 of them went back to the same well to reflect. Melvin was there to ask directions. 
Finally all 5 performs together and join the talent search.
Guest performer - Nicholas Teo

Guess who won? The 5 Best friends!
After Party!
I get to eat with them XD
Mei Yan with Amelyn! Amelyn has a crown  on her head. 
Handsome and tall Melvin Sia!
Aising and Mei Yan
Jack Lam! 
Melvin Sia - Handsome and his skin so smooth!
He's handsome so I post more la. XD
Danny, Nicholas and Rambo
Kuching MYFM DJs
DJ Mei Yan and yours truly
DJ Jack is cute right? V(^_^)V
DJ Jack 
Danny - I forgot to take photo with him T_T
Kim! He's the Bruce Lee! 
Amelyn and me~~
Addy - MYFM weekend DJ
I would like to Thank Addy for being my photographer of the night with the stars! She's the Alvin Leong that night (insider's joke) XD
Vix! She's ex Hitz DJ! 
Amy - Pretty and produce for MYFM
Adam the MYFM cruiser team!
Cute? =O
Wilson - My junior and also MYFM cruiser team!
Groupie photo of the AMP team!

I truly enjoyed the show and it was awesome!


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