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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nightview at Waterfront

Last month, I went to a lomobooth exhibition by Lomohunter Kuching a.k.a Analog Garage. 
So the purpose of the exhibition is to expose the public to analogue photography and to tell them film is not dead. 

So right after work, I drove to Amphitheater, Waterfront to join in the crowd. 
La Sardina! 
Cute little holga

Fisheye, Diana Mini and LC-A
Fellow lomographers in Kuching! Awesome people! 
Bella Ivy - Gorgeous?
He's funny 
Wandy and Sheyla
Nabel Hua Hua XD
Shah Zur'ain

So I shall spam you all with the night scenery photos at Waterfront. Bear with my amateur skills. =P
Dewan Undangan Negeri
Taken with 35mm lens thanks to Shah. =)
I love the colourful lights!
You'll see DUN in different version below? Hmm.. 

Cruise went by
Drummer boy
There was also performances by children that night. He's an awesome drummer. Just 8 year old if I remember correctly. 
Cultural dancer - Pretty right?
There was also cultural dances that night!

Good thing, this time I was not summoned like the last time. Finally park in a legal parking spot. >_< 
Attempted at double exposure on digital

Went back quite early that night at 8pm something =)

I enjoyed staying at the lomobooth and educating public on different cameras and films. 
I'm the only one among the group that speaks in mandarin so I'm pretty useful. haha




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