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Monday, 19 December 2011

#TwtupKch Our first and it's a blast!

Woot woot! I attended our very first #twtupkch last Sunday at The Spring Mall North Court and the crowd was massive! Officially it was 419 tweeps and unofficially could be more than that!

Want to know how it goes? Read on!

We arrive at 12pm and though we're late, and found out that I'm actually the 31st one to arrive =D
I got myself some merchandise like Happenings Magazines and a #twtupkch Tee!
Jasmine - The Emcee and she looks like she's rapping with those outfit.
Yo! yo! Welcome to #twtupkch *Imagines*
Kim is the other appointed Emcee! Both looks great on stage!
There are 5 booths available for us to play games - Bingo, Uno, Snap, Arm wrestling, Fifa cup game and photo & video booth.

Where to go? 
Football game booth by BCCK! Huge LCD TV!
I have no idea I can play football games, I even scored 1-0 against my cousin. hehe
Uno and Snap booth by Faradale
AMP's Monopoly, Uno and Jenga
We are required to collect minimum of 5 stamps to be eligible to claim exclusive and limited #twtupkch tees.
So my cousin and I went around the booths and played at all the booths to collect stamps!
Ding! ding! ding! Contender ready? Start! WIN! 
My winning expression! And happiness getting signature and stamp!
Signature with stamp means you won the round of games. 

My next competitor, Jasmine! 
So who won? XD

It was really fun interacting with some of the tweeps. Priscilla later on join in the fun and hang out with us.
Amelia and Priscilla
Amelia posing with her complete Stamps!
Angel on right and Videl on left blocked by her handphone.
I got myself a #twtupkch tee and is very happy! Super proud to show off the tees and I change into it immediately after claiming it.
I love this group, Sape! Traditional musical instrument can mix with modern ones too!
These guys sure got lots of attentions. Don't believe me? See photo below.
Many people and girls! 
Hope to join #twtup events again and next time it'll be bigger and better with more entertainment! 
I'll be waiting!
Dabush! He's very cute! He has the biggest heart of all! <3
So in conclusion, it rocks! 



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