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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bloggers Lousang gathering!

I'm fortunate this time round at KL and was invited by Choulyin to join the bloggers gathering organized by Jayren and Carmen or was it Kah Mon. >_<

A lot of photos ahead! =) 

Richard busy playing with his Ipad2 XD 

So we are having dinner at Sunway Giza. The last time I'm here is last year's Arthur Guiness launch.
 Henry, Choulyin and Eunice!

It was quite a big crowd that night and I met a lot of new faces too!
Jayren - The organizer! 

Melissa, Chee Ching and Stephanie

Iris and Ernest - I like their expressions here! Shocked and happy XD 

Bendan aka Kah Mon
 She is so petite and slim unlike what she wrote in her blog. 
Henry Tan and Kian Fai 

Finally met them after a long time interacting on facebook. =D

Samuel - He has a unique smile? 

Stephanie - She has perfect smile! Look at her white teeth! =)

Joel - He owns a funny blog XD 


Carmen and Elwyn - Elwyn giving free massages that night


 ^_^ She's so cute!



Sweet couple <3


Lousang time! 

Lousang end result is a messy one! 

We lousang until the lower floor also kena! 

I ordered this! Big prawn crispy noodle. 
Noodle too dry. =X

Someone else's food. Claypot rice 

Fried XO rice 

Cantonese Hor Fan
Hurray! It was a fun night and we even go mamak after that! =D 



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