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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Go wild this Valentines with Lomography celebration of love!

Ever wonder what will be the perfect gift for Valentines? Perfume? Shirts? Teddy bears? Chocolates? Flowers? 

Now push all those old and traditional gift ideas away and welcome the funky wild gifts from 
This Valentines is the perfect time to let your partners have a taste of the wild side. When I say wild, it's really wild with Lomography!

Diana F+

This medium-format sweetheart is dressed up in a fresh green coat with zebra stripe detailing. Capture those dreamy moments in soft-focused snapshots.


Diana F+ Zebra (priced at USD101.07 or RM307.25) is worth every penny when your lover loves the Zebra patterns! 

Diana F+ is stunning? Wait til you get a glimpse of Diana Mini!
Diana Mini
Sweet and petite, but don’t let her looks fool you - This 35mm cutie has a wild side and will get you smitten with her square and half-frame formats.

Diana Mini Leopard
Diana Mini Leopard (priced at USD126.72 or RM385.22) not only it is petite, it is also versatile to bring it anywhere as a fashion statement! Show some love to Leopard Diana Mini, the very wild yet petite camera! 

Another tasty wild animal camera is the Phython Fisheye No.2 

Fisheye No. 2 Python
Fisheye No. 2
Sneaking out of the jungle and into your heart, this snakeskin-designed Fisheye No.2 will take your lovely date into a 170° perspective.


Fisheye No. 2 Python (priced at USD89.52 orRM272.14) wild or not when you get to take 170-degree perspective through a wild snake skin camera! 

So what are you waiting for? 
Hurry up and grab this limited only Valentines edition wild animals Lomography cameras at



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