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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Legendary LC-A and LC-A+ - Are they the same?

Legendary LC-A and LC-A+ - 'Are they the same?' Many will often ask this question before getting either the LC-A or the Lomography LC-A+ .
Legendary LC-A

Lomography LC-A+

Read to the end for an ebook about LC-A and LC-A+, you don't want to miss it!

You can read about LC-A+ here

I've read quite a number of articles comparing the two in terms of functions, specifications, place of origins and end results.
Flickr forum discussion on both cameras

My verdict: They are made in different time and the legendary LC-A was made in Russia, LC-A+ has parts that are made in China but the lens are still made in Russia. However, there are different version of LC-A+, one is purely made in China and another is partially made in China named LC-A+ RL. 

I've try the legendary LC-A courtesy of  fellow analogue lover friend Fadhan. ^_^
Check out his photo blog too!

See my results!
Korean supermarket
Loaded with expried Fuji Sensia
#Ducati event with big bikes!

Damai Central!

If you wish to view more click here

Let me introduce a fellow lomographer: - Eva_Eva!
Refurbished LC-A 

Loaded with Kodak EBX

Loaded with Lomography X-pro 200
Loaded with Lomography Chrome X-Pro

Now for some doses of LC-A+
Another fellow lomographer ccwu
Loaded with  Kodak Elitechrome EB
He took a lot of photos of pretty girls and many awesome shots!
Loaded with  Lomography X-Pro Slide 200

Loaded with  Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100
Stunning? You can visit her photo blog here 
Her lomohome - Eva_Eva 
His lomohome - CCWU

Now I want to share an informative E-book on LC-A and LC-A+  by Lomo Lovers
You can download and read it online too!

Now what are your thoughts on both cameras after viewing the results? Comment and let me know =)



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