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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lomography FREE Shipping deals

Dear all, Lomography MY and Lomography SG is having a promotion and it's in conjunction of Chinese New Year! 
Hurry! This week only! 

Dear all, Please like my photo too!
A fellow Lomographer's wedding shot =)

Thank you so much!

LC-A accessories having a 20% off too!

The little rabbit slowly hopped away, this means that the spectacular dragon year is inching closer and closer! Dragons are fabled to bring good luck - this could only mean good news all round so let's come together to welcome these great fortunes! From now until 23rd of January 2012, the luck of the dragon grants free shipping on purchases USD 75 / SGD 95 and above for Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam. Lomography is distributing the lucky treasures direct to your doorsteps!
Don't have a camera to capture the moments this festive season? Check out the Lomography Online Store right away for more cool analogue goodies to love! Don't forget to load up as many films as possible, better yet with the right accessories ! You wouldn't want to miss any moments, would you?
Due to the festive season, delivery service will be adjusted and in order to travel together with your Lomography goodies this Chinese New Year holiday, make sure you place your order right away!
Asia Pacific*: 1 / 20 – 1 /26
Hong Kong: 1 / 20 – 1/26
Taiwan:1 / 20  (Transaction made before 2:00pm) – 1/29
China:1 / 19 – 1 /29

*Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam.
Here is the selection of our best seller Lomography camera for you to celebrate the spectacular Year of the Dragon.
Boasting our 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Angle lens, this 35mm camera wonder is the perfect companion for your photo expeditions.
The Lomo LC-A+ is simply the finest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time.
LomoKino & LomoKinoscope Package
LomoKino & LomoKinoscope Package Lomography's very own 35mm movie camera is set to revolutionize the analogue landscape forever.
Diana F+ Deluxe Kit 
Go forth and diversify your Diana+ experimentation with the comprehensive collection of tools and accessories.
La Sardina Camera & Flash - Cubic
Great-looking geometric exteriors merge with incredible features—ultra wide-angle lens, simple focus settings, and convenience of 35mm film!
SprocketRocket Yellow
Shoot through the camera's super-wide-angle lens, and you'll be able to expose the whole film, sprockets and all!
Horizon Perfekt
The 28mm mullticoated swing lens yields eye-popping color, jaw-dropping contrast, and slamming sharpness all around.
Spinner 360° Leather Edition
Wrapped in luxurious Italian Toledo leather, the Spinner 360° Leather edition fashions a look that is just as fascinating as its features.



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