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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lunch at Strawberry Fields

That day was a special one as I get to meet not one, not two but three bloggers at once! We tweeted each other but never met face to face and now we can! =D
Oh yeah, their tweet handler are @choulyew @RichardT3o and @psylancer 
Read on to find out more!

Self ordering sheet! Reminds me of my Taiwan Trip 
*I know I bore you with this* *trollface.jpg* 

Ribenna Longan! 
Ivan made a joke out of it and we tweeted live that afternoon! XD
Made some stories up too. We laughed a lot that day!

We tweet about longans' adventures
Watermelon juice - choulyew drank this

We talked a lot and Ivan is such a joker! Richard was being bullied~~

Squid rice - Ivan ate this. Spicy according to him

How? We speak in language and dialects Richard cannot understand and some Choulyew doesn't get too. 

This is Ivan aka @psylancer posing a deep thought. XD

 He must be thinking to treat us, and he did! XP  Thank you Ivan! Mak seh.
Richard  aka @richardt3o is shy/ anti-social. hahaha. 

He's a really cute and tall guy and very kind of him to be our driver that day =) 
Thank you Richard!
Choulyew aka @choulyew happily sipping her watermelon juice!

That night I crash at her place and it was fun! XD
Another shot of her =D 

Butter Chicken Rice - Choulyew ate this. Looks creamy and juicy.

Fried Rice - Richard ate this and the portion is huge!

Mine was Teriyaki Chicken - Too salty for me. 

From @choulyew 's BB =D 

Overall, the environment at Strawberry Field PJ is not bad. The waiter speak a little too fast and half of the table do not get what he said. 
This is just a part of my KL adventures earlier this month! =D 



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