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Monday, 27 February 2012

Annoyed at word verification & how to turn it off

Lately, the word verification function that most bloggers chose to activate it makes it super hard to leave comment because the words are hard to read and what more to type it out. Don't believe me? Look below

Read on to know how to turn it off!

How the heck do I make out the words properly? I really hate wasting more time to type the word verification. Sooner or later I won't want to visit anymore. 

How to turn off the word verification:
Step 1: Click on the setting icon and select Old blogger interface
Step:2 Click on settings
Step3: Click on comments
Step 4: On Show word verification for comments? select NO

I hope this helps and turn off your word verification and turn on moderation if you are afraid of spams.  
 As a blogger, I love people leaving comments and I want to make it as pleasant as possible for them to leave comments. I myself won't spend more time to comment if I get the word verification wrong. 



  1. hehe babe, i just turned my on. too many spam, no choice =(


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