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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Carpenter Street - We are tourist for a day!

The other day I was free after my interview session and decided to have lunch with Amelia
After a series of KK post, I'm going to introduce you to Kuching instead! 

So after lunch we are feeling hungry and went to Carpenter Street for High Tea!
We went to the famous open air ( Lau Ya Keng) opposite the Temple at Carpenter Street. 
Pork satay and fishball beehoon are some of the specialty

Carpenter Street is once known for having lots of Carpenters opening shops along the street. 
This street is one of the oldest street in Kuching with lots of history and rich in culture. 
Lau Ya Keng is formerly an Opera House! I'm imagining that place to be a happening one in the past. 

After the high tea session, we went on foot around Carpenter street! 
Forgot to wind the film and shoot Amelia at the Temple.

Fast forward to 2012, Carpenter street still have the antique feel to it with antique shops, furniture shops, Jewellery  stores(selling Gold and Silver), coffee shops, temples, associations, Bed&Breakfast hostel, cafes and etc. 

An antique shop at Carpenter street near to Open Air cafe. 
This shop is filled with antique notes, stamps, coins and many other toys! 

Kuching Hainan Association
We even went up to the Tian Hou temple right above the Kuching Hainan Association for the first time!
We live in Kuching for over a decade and still not been up there *blush* 

On our way up, many pretty lanterns and the unique design on the balcony caught our eyes. 

I'm doing a multiple exposure because the temple alone is a bit plain? 
*Experiment mode*

The street below X with the ceiling

Two sides of Carpenter street from above. 

Self shot! I love the wide angle lens! 

A stone filled with words and the temple

We found this alley way that looks and feel antique. Amelia doing a funny pose!
Bishopgate is the name of the street. 

Amelia being a boss in the middle of the road! XD

The photos below are taken by Amelia using my Diana Mini =D 
You can spot Merdeka Palace and Bishopgate street. 

That was me shooting. 

The old side of Kuching. 

Carpenter Street as seen by Amelia

The clouds. XD

The wordy stones

Darker version of me.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour at Carpenter Street! Do visit this area for more food and history!

All the photos are shot using only analogue cameras!
I'm using my LC-Wide with Lomography CN400 film.
Amelia's with Diana Mini with Lomography X-Pro film. 

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