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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gaya Street - Street photography

Last Sunday, I was at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. So I went to Gaya Street to take a look.

My gears: Nikon D7000 with 50mm lens f1.8. 
Suria KK. Pardon for the close up and I can't get far enough because I'm using a 50mm. 
Heavy photos ahead! 

Did you know that Kota Kinabalu aka KK city just celebrated their City day two days ago? 
They actually celebrated it on Gaya Street with lots of activities and performances!
'Bonding with Gaya Street' was the event name. 

14th day of CNY so still have a lot of lanterns hanging.
Guinea pig! Always wanted to have one as pet but dad doesn't allow. 
The guinea pig waste is too smelly he said. 
The famous fountain of Gaya Street. 
Obsessed with lanterns 

Metal products with gong and other decorations.

Artificial food fridge magnets! Don't you wish you can eat them?

Donuts and cakes

Smiling breads and buns. Cutebun loves cutebuns? hehe

Handmade bags

Vendors selling lots of snacks and food

Vendors - aged but they still work hard every week

Arts created by local Sabahan

Plants in shells~ 

Adorable right? Like snails but it's plants~ XD 

Cookies, local snacks and below is sponge made of plants for body cleaning~ 

You can get this shirt exclusively in KK city only!

Uncle playing traditional musical instrument known as 'Gong' 

Put one row of them and you can get different sounds

Together they are a band, Gong band! LOL

Fighting fish! Love their tails~~ flows like gowns

Teapot collections framed

Beary doggy
Why do you leave me?  Why you no buy me home?

It has big eyes like the toy dogs once so famous. Big eyes ones? 

2 angry birds peeking out from the tent. Cheeky? 

I love these toys when I'm young but never get to own any. 

Pumpkin flavour nian gao. Ate it before? 


Cute puppy with slipper

Maltese. They were bought right after this shot. 

Hamsters! I want them as pets too but not allowed. 

Blind massages

This toy is a convenient way to put strings into your needle without hassle. 

In the end mum bought these home. RM5 for 3 of them. 

Gaya street is open every Sunday from 6am or earlier and closed at 1p.m.

Anyway, I enjoyed my shooting trip and please do leave comments on how to improve my photography skills.
Thank you for visiting.



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