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Monday, 6 February 2012

Kuching bloggers CNY house crashing day!

On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, I organized a Kuching bloggers house crashing aka visiting! 
So the invited guest is none other than hippo! Just kidding, how can invite hippo when he's not even a blogger. XD
Bloggers involved are... read on to find out! 
So the activity of the day is to strangle hippo! XD 
We gather first at my home and eat some of the seaweed I made and later on proceed for lunch at Life Cafe.
This is Daniel! Only meet him for the first time in person after 20 tweets? 
Ma la mian! Spicy noodle! A specialty here! 
Meet Choulyin! My senior in Uni but we never talk much then but now tweet a lot! 
Bubble milk tea - a usual drink
My outfit of the day! Yours truly and Choulyin and also hippo! 
Choulyin and Jian
Told ya that activity of the day is to strangle hippo XD 
Jian and I! 
Let's poke! 
A groupie photo of us! 

You gotta see how Jian made Hippo dance! As recorded by Choulyin

After that we went over to Jun Fook place to crash his home! I didn't took any photo so show you his face la. 
Poor Jun Fook was sick when we visit him and so no photos of him in sick mode. =) 

Since Daniel's place is pretty near by so we crash by his home and admire his coin and notes collections! 
Brand new coins collection! Detailed explanation of the coin motives. 
Sarawak coin 50+ years ago! 
Antique coins! Ahh~~
It's such a privilege to be able to see all kinds of notes and coins from all over the world at Daniel's place and really learning a little bit more about the cultural around the world. =D 
Once a upon a time, Sarawak has their own currency too! 
So to newbies, go money changer change to Sarawak currency when coming to visit Sarawak ok? (*applies to those wanting to visit Sarawak 57+ years before) 
RM1 note  - brings back that nostalgic feeling
RM5 note
RM10 note 

Looking back at Malaysia's old notes, I noticed that the colours of the currency remains and only changed the designs. 
Abused the hippo by clipping a froggie on him XD 

Lastly, we crash by Choulyin and Choulyew's place and played the playing cards before leaving~ 

By the way, Happy Chinese Valentine's day too! =D 



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