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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sibu trip adventure

Hello everyone! I'm blogging from Sibu now (at the time of writing)  :)

First impression of the town is how laid back it is compared to my hometown Kuching.

The first thing I notice is how beautiful the sky is with all the fluffy clouds!

I arrive at Sibu only at around 1.40pm from a 8.30am express ferry! So was very hungry by the time I reach there! 
:Lunch was at Tanahmas Hotel and I had chicken rice =_="" 

I was too hungry to decide what to eat. >_< 

Dessert consist of ice blended banana and jelly!  Jelly Pisang is the name! 
Huai Bin aka Sixthseal had this! 

I steal eat the dessert! Yummy! Simply creamy and delicious! 
I like how the slice banana texture matches the jelly!

Went to the 7 storey pagoda and took awesome photos!

The weather was hot and sunny, perfect to photography and did a tourist photo here! hehe

The temple. Fishermen prayed here before going out to the sea. 

Dragon and phoenix on the roof! 
Dragon is always built above the phoenix like the ancient days, emperor are regarded as dragon and empress is the phoenix!

By 5pm, we are hungry again and went to eat Kampua! 
Guess who? :D

The meat dumpling is called "pien nuk" in Foochow. :) (according to Huai Bin)
It can be eaten either dry or soup version! =D 
Black version kampua! (Devil? >=))

White version kampua (Angel? 0=))
Didn't had enough meat for me so it was replaced with dumplings =/ 
so I ate his share instead! >=] 

Trivia: Did you know that Swan is a representation of Sibu like how cats represent Kuching?
I see Swans everywhere from the port to around the town! 

Later on Dinner was at Kheng Hock (2002) and it was scrumptious!

After dinner was pool session and open singing karaoke at a place named 'Workshop'. 
Playing pool was fun but waiting to sing is no fun and kinda bored with nothing much to do except watching others playing pool. 
We drank this 14 year old Whisky after Karaoke session at home. LOL. 

Next afternoon lunch was Kampua and this time I ordered the black version with soy sauce! 

Huai Bin's fav place to eat kampua according to him =D 
(Sorry my photo cacat cos using 50mm and lazy get up and take photos from further)
=D My tour guide aka driver aka blogger : Huai Bin aka Sixthseal
Handsome? XP 
This time I got my share of black kampua and meat! 

He like his kampua black and red. Extra chili sauce on kampua! 

Dinner was at Taman Selera Muhibah 
Joyce and Ronnie brought me over to eat! 
Both of them pose with the fruit ice blended! 

Yummy with lots of watermelons, longan, mango, jelly, pineapple and etc. 

Fried fish tofu! The fish taste like tofu with its fine texture! 

Pandan chicken - a specialty here! 
It's an art to unwrap it without using both hands to eat! 

Fried chicken butt >< Not my fav but they enjoyed it! 
Crispy and savory. 

Fried  salad you cha kueh (you tiao)  with meat inside! 
First time I have this and like it! 

Just to show prove I'm here (Show proof photo) XD 

After dinner, pasar malam also closed so what to do you asked? 
Watch movie lo! 
So which movie? *hint hint on poster* 
Went to King Trioplex and watch 'Ah Beng The movie Three Wishes' 
They are still using the traditional tear out tickets unlike the cinemas in bigger cities using printed version. 
Nostalgic I tell you!  

Next day,  brunch was at Farley Cafe. 
Almond C Peng! I didn't like it the first time I tasted it because I'm not used to the almond aftertaste but it was better second time round! =)
Ding Bian Hu! Finally I get to eat this! I always see this being sold in kopitiam in Kuching but didn't try and I tried the original one in  Sibu! 

Ding Bian Hu consist of wantonish skin-like noodle with fishball and pork topped with fried onions. 

Overall, Sibu is a new experience for me because it's my very first time there! 
Hope to go back soon to try the rest of the delicious local food! 

Lastly I like to thank Huai Bin, Joyce and Ronnie for being such a good host! 



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