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Friday, 17 February 2012

Unboxing of Lomography LC-Wide camera

Hello everybody! Last round of my long haul video I did not do an unboxing of my LC-Wide camera so this round, I'm doing one!
Video after the jump!

I'm introducing LC-Wide camera and the contents in the box. 
By the way, I have two boxes of this already. But only one camera. XD

I also bough a Krabb Casing for my Mabul trip!

Some of the effect by this camera are as below! All images are taken from LC-Wide Microsite
Half Frame Format

Square format

Black & White

MX Marks the Spot (Double Exposures)



Triple Exposure Madness

Me, Myself and I (Self Portraits)


Go Close or Go Home (Close Up Shots)


Endless Panoramas


Calling out to fellow analogue users! I'm preparing some films for some doubles so you too can submit your film and we can collaborate!
Email me at ! =D



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