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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cameras I want! Analogue ones!

This is truly antique.
This camera uses medium format films that only got 1 shot and need to change films. =)
My grandpa's camera but not working anymore plus the films that fits this camera is no longer available. 

Anyway, back to the camera I want (see below)!


I am always fascinated with instant photography. 
That instant photo right out of the camera converted into prints is so amazing. (imagining the feeling)
The excitement, anticipation, and fun to be able to see the prints directly!

Polaroid One Step Rainbow- I always like the design
The viewfinder is pretty cute too, like staring into a telescope! 
This one too in black!

This is a classic Polaroid 101 model

Hello Kitty Instax Wide! I want!!!! 
Hello Kitty Instax Wide is really gorgeous and I prefer wide angle and bigger prints so it's too cute to resist!

I love to take photos in the dark and indoors but hated the harsh flash! 
Fuji Natural Classical can take night photos perfectly with high ISO films! 

Hello Kitty Fisheye 1. What's not to love about this one? 
The interesting 170 degree perspective from the lens plus the compact size is easy to bring!

I want to share something nice too! Ebook! Lomolover version 2 about Medium format cameras! 
Read it here! 

That's it! My wish list! =P
My awkward pose and facial expression >_<



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