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Sunday, 25 March 2012

First meal in Thailand! Black Canyon cafe

Recently, more like last 2 weeks I was on a vacation with my family to Thailand!
Here's my first post on the trip!

In the middle of nowhere as we are departing from Airport to Hua Hin. I'm pretty sure not a lot of you heard about Hua Hin in Thailand because it's not as popular unlike Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai or Bangkok.
 Along the highway to my destination! IKEA is in Thailand too. (Too bad I've never been into any IKEA) 

Read more after the jump! Food ahead~
So we are at this row of shops that have stalls, restaurants, and 7Eleven too.  

 Anyway, half of the journey from airport to Hua Hin we stop at somewhere to eat lunch. 
That time was afternoon 2pm and we are starving for food. 
 7Eleven was my first destination - to get SIM card. My sim card is pretty cheap 49 Baht but I need to reload with 50 baht. 
I like their 7Eleven because it's like a supermarket like the ones in Taiwan too. 
 My dining place - Black Canyon
 This is sort of like a franchise because the outlet is everywhere. 
 The interior of the cafe
 The ambiance is quite good. 
 Tomyam with rice cake strips (kueh tiaw) 
The soup and the seafood was good just not as spicy.
All 4 of my family members ate the same Tom Yam dish. 

Ice Green Tea latte (90 baht)
Again the rest of them drinking the exact same drink. 

Green Curry - My lunch. 
I think it's a bit too salty and not a lot of ingredient - chicken and veggie and tomato-like veggie

Red Green beans ice blended. (100 baht)
The taste is just great! Not too sweet and very milky! 

 Photo taken by my dad. 
My appearance in the blog is so minimal because I'm behind the camera most of the time. 
Sister caught eating big prawn. 

So how do you think of the food here? *shock expression* 

Anyway, the price is similar to cafe prices in Malaysia too. 
One dish cost about 70-80 Baht (RM7-8) and drinks 90-100 (RM9-10)  Baht. The ones I had. 
Rough conversion of baht to ringgit is 10 Baht = RM1

So that's just my half day trip in Thailand. Will update more soon! 



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