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Monday, 26 March 2012

Cha Am Beach side!

I stayed at Baan Hansa Service Apartment during my visit to Cha Am / Hua Hin area in Thailand. 
Living room
 The apartment is actually huge complete with living room, open kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 toilets! 
Let me take you to a tour around this apartment. 
I like the painting hanging on the wall - They really decorated the place like a home! 
Our package is two bedroom seaview - Not much seaview actually from balcony.

I can actually see 120 degree view with all the curtains up! 
Open Kitchen is complete with stove, plates, cups, glasses and refrigerator! 
I put all my fruits, chocolates and drinks inside! 

Master Bedroom with King Size Bed and attached toilet
 I forgot to take photo of the bathroom - Just a place for shower, toilet bowl, basin and mirror. 
I like the fact they put soap and shampoos in cute containers like those we usually get from free when buying Colgate or Darlie. 
Second bedroom with two single beds - My sis and I sleep here.
 This bedroom is the first room after we step into the apartment from the main door.
They even provide us with hair dryer along with dressing table and closet. 
I feel so at home in the apartment. 
Time for a view outside the apartment! I can see other resorts and apartments nearby. 

The beach is just right outside the lobby after the swimming pool. 

I envy them. They can sun bathe anytime! LOL

Messing with the editing settings. The other side of the view is more houses and a tall tower.

My brave brother that clings on the edge of the balcony. 

Even attempted to climb up! Nah, just kidding. 
We can actually go around the balcony to the tiny space between the windows in the living room. 

I jelly other apartment got bigger pool.
The pool at the apartment. 
Quiet beach with no activity at all during the day

 So I arrive at this place after lunch time so after an hour or so we went down to the beach!
I found this on the web and the beach looked like this. But the sky wasn't as blue when I was there.
I haven't develop my films yet so I can't show you how the beach looked like now. 

My verdict: 
Comfort 4/5
My family really like the apartment and how comfortable it is. 
Value for money 3/5
Total cost of staying is $164.89  around RM500 for 5 person 2D1N. 
Location 2/5
The location is not very good because there is hardly any Taxi around and hard to find food in the daytime. 
Facilities 3/5
This apartment actually provides free wifi connection at the lobby and I only found out on the day I check out. TwT Manage to surf for less than an hour.  
Breakfast 0/5 (None)
I am only unsatisfied that this place or area around here doesn't provide breakfast!
Had a long walk in the morning looking for food nearby in other resorts while dragging my gears along in hungry mode is a bad experience.

Decorations on top of the TV racks.
In the end, we all left earlier just to catch breakfast or should I say brunch at other area. 
Will continue next post on our brunch! =D 

Baan Hansa Service Apartment
182, Muangtalay Road, Cha-am 



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