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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kartello Hello - Kartel live in Kuching

Remember when I posted my photo on my winnings? 
Thanks to Hitz Kuching, I was able to win 4 exclusive passes to attend Kartel live in Kuching! 
Joe Flizzow 


3rd March was the day they performed live for us Kuching peeps! =D 

I recorded the Meet & Greet session that I'm pretty sure not all of you are present to watch them! =P

First act at Club Memories is Kennedy. 
Second act
Third act
DJ Ice cream. XD 
Arabyrd! Her clothes are so colourful!

DJ Biggie behind all the performances
Ila Damiaa winning the crowd with her soulful voice

Overall the performances were successful, the crowds are so loud cheering for them even though it rained heavily and some leaks in the tent. 

I enjoyed watching the performance and snapping all the way in front! 
For more photos please go to my album!



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