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Thursday, 29 March 2012

#MyGenerasi - Nostalgic video

Do you remember the time when we are in primary school? We played a lot of games like 'Police and thieves', 'Ice & Fire', 'AEIOU', 'Eraser games', 'rope skipping', 'Marbles', 'Pokemon and Digimon card games, 'Gameboy', Tamagotchi and a lots more? 
The Cast of #MyGenerasi 

Do you feel that the current generation is missing out on real games? They played a lot of virtue games - board games for example can be played online or just digitally. So what is it like during my time when we make friends in real life not through Facebook?  Watch and tell me!

You can read the director's note and behind the scene here
I miss my Primary school life! 

Can you spot me? 

Back in those days, I actually asked some of my classmates to sign on the back of this photo too!



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