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Monday, 12 March 2012

Rants of the day

This post is a wordy one. Extremely boring so you may click close at the top right corner now. XD

Today went for an interview for a finance and marketing executive position. The interview was arrange purely on phone through my anyhow apply on jobstreet. I don't even know what company was that.
I was told to revise my accounting stuff like ratios and balance sheet and even prepare for an essay writing. Basically she said I would need to meet clients and such. That was last Sunday.
So, today went and interview and fill up the form. I did not feel the need to fill up family part of the form just filled in my dad's name.
So she asked why only my dad's name and not mum or siblings? My impatient in talking about my family and filling up the rest of the details really blew the interview off. Gah, why want to talk about family of all things?
Anyway, in the end I'm not interested in doing yet another concealed job description of doing hard sell in loan area. Why can't there be any backup type of Marketing job?

In another note, I'm going for an admin and clerical job tomorrow morning 8.30am! Part time, as least better than staying home not earning anything.

I'm so excited for my trip! I have not started packing. aiyo.. =D



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