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Monday, 5 March 2012

Upperstar lunch

The last day at KK before my flight last trip, I went to Upperstar again to have lunch! 
Upperstar is a popular hangout place for youngsters in KK!
I went to the Lintas branch that day. My God siblings ate Lamb shoulder with mint sauce! 
The lamb was good and only comment was loaded with fries! XD
Price is RM15.90 if not mistaken

My Mocha Shake!
RM7.80 (if remember correctly)

Cheesy clamps! *slurps*
The bite is really juicy with lots of cheesy goodness and boy it's fresh!

Another shot with coleslaw in the middle. 

Fried chicken chop with mayonnaise! Cripsy and lots of fries too!
The taste is average and crispy but mum said it was hard to bite and even cut her mouth.
RM15.90 is the price if I remember correctly. 

Take 2 with closer focus of the juicy chicken

Take 3! Last shot! hehe 

Anyway, I really like visiting Upperstar because I can use the PC there to online!
Upperstar is not like Starbucks in case you are wondering. lol. They serve liquors, cocktails and beers too!

Upperstar Cafe & Bar is located at Lintas Square, you can see it from the road side and same row with Yoyo!



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